Can You Date While Separated In Little Rock
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This is the next post in our series about the potential impact of dating during a divorce in Little Rock, Arkansas. The article discussed the various ways having a new relationship may affect custody matter. It is important to carefully consider any decision to expose your children to your new love interest. Not only could this have negative emotional consequences, but in certain circumstances, it may also result in reduced custody rights.


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The only exception is if the couple has been living apart from each other or have been separated for 18, 24 or 30 months depending on various factors. Making a.

Overview of divorce in arkansas

Learn More. Covenant versus non-covenant marriages Arkansas has two distinct marriage types.

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Arkansas has two distinct marriage types. A covenant marriage requires an acknowledgement that the marriage is a lifelong commitment, premarital counseling with an authorized person and longer waiting periods before filing for divorce. Dissolving a covenant marriage is more difficult than a non-covenant marriage.

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Most couples are in non-covenant marriages. In the land of opportunity, more than 23 out of every 1, marriages end in divorce. As you prepare to face your divorcecarefully consider the financial, emotional and physical toll the process may have on you and your family.

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Here when you need help. While couples in Arkansas enjoy some of the lowest costing weddings in the country on averagethey also have the highest divorce rates in the nation. If your marriage is headed that way, there are a few things you should know before attempting to terminate your marriage.

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All other divorce filings must state a fault, such as:. Most U. This means that no proof of wrongdoing is needed to obtain a divorce.

Divorce in arkansas – arkansas divorce faq

Search for:. Difference In Your Life.

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Arkansas is one of very few states that require proof that a spouse is at fault for the end of the marriage. Staying married is hard work no matter your age, income or disposition. Enlist friends, family and professionals to help with matters that you do not absolutely need to handle on your own so you have time to devote to taking care of yourself, your children and your job.

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Call to set up your consultation. When to consider an advance healthcare directive Divorce can be a new beginning with the right mindset. All other divorce filings must state a fault, such as: Intolerable behavior referred to as general indignities Adultery Impotence Cruel treatment that endangers life Felony conviction Three or more years of institutionalization for insanity Habitual intoxication lasting for one year Some of the fault requirements vary for couples who have entered into covenant marriages.

Recent Posts Family dysfunction may present need to sole child custody Financial topics that often come up in divorce What can you do if a parent is not paying child support?

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We take your divorce seriously.


By Melissa Heinig , Attorney.


Arkansas is a fault state for divorce.


By Kristina Otterstrom , Attorney.