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Still not convinced? The game contains three-player strikes and six-player raids, requiring communication and teamwork.

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If you're a veteran and have followed the game from its inception, you may like the newest release, Destiny: Rise of Iron. For more information, please visit www.

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The following skills are just a few underlying themes in the Destiny franchise that teach kids lessons outside of simple distraction:. For those that scoff at the idea that video games have value beyond hours of mindless entertainment, Sherry Turkel, a professor and researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology says, "think again.

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Instead, the game is rated T for teen and focuses on sci-fi fantasy and discovery, making it a perfect game for parents and siblings as well. Rail against it all you want, that's the reality. In Destiny, players not only fend off alien antagonists, but must also solve mysteries, create their own avatar race and class, and complete multiple tasks.

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As a shooter-based game, Destiny features combat against an onslaught of alien enemy attacks from all angles. Among cash, gift cards and the "toy of the moment," kids want to see video games under the Christmas tree.

If you're a newbie, Destiny -- The Collection, contains five games in one collection, including the newest release from the award winning franchise. The game offers a futuristic fictional scenario of our Solar System, where humans colonized other planets but were mysteriously brought to the brink of extinction with known survivors now living in and defending Earth's last city from alien invaders.

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But take heart, parents, today's video games can teach kids valuable life lessons not learned in a classroom. One game that is getting attention for its complexity and teachable moments is Bungie and Activition's Destiny gamesa bold world of action and adventure where kids are a Guardian of the last safe city on Earth.

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Unlike other similar shooter-based games, Destiny does not have blood, gore, or adult content. NewsUSA - It's an undeniable fact.