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  • What is my age:
  • 33
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  • Senegalese
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  • Ash-blond
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  • I understand English and Turkish
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  • Lager
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The latest episode of DC Universe's Titans "Together", watch it here is a special one for fans of one of the greatest love stories in the history of DC Comics -- that of former Robin Dick Grayson and the alien warrior princess Starfire, a. Kory Anders. The two met when Raven brought together various teenage heroes to form the New Teen Titans read the team's early adventures here. Starfire, who was really princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, had escaped slavery from the Citadel Empire and fled to Earth.


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Spoiler Alert More on the DC Universe. For better or worse, Bruce agreed to give Steph a trial period as his new sidekick.

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Well, make room on that list for another set of names. Or, well, Spoiler thought she was seeing Robin. Tags detective comicsrebirthstephanie browntim drakedc universeBatmanDC ComicsRobinspoilerdc comicsdcdc rebirthmeg downeydetective comics vol.

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In fact, the violation of trust drove a wedge so far between Robin and Batman they actually stopped working together for a bit. Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown burst into Rebirth with their relationship revived and more complicated than ever before.

Love and robins: the history of tim drake and stephanie brown

A Tale of Two Robins The good days were great but the bad days were worse. Quoting Ms. Deathstroke: Wilson Family Values.

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The good days were great but the bad days were worse. But even newly renewed, their love story was anything but smooth sailing. After all, Tim got the job by declaring that Batman needed a Robin, so who was she to argue with that logic?

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She even wrote extensive entries in her diary about how dreamy Robin was, all while Tim struggled to figure out the right way to proceed. Gotham City is no stranger to Those crime fighting or crime causing couples that can never seem to decide if they love or hate each other. Robin was predictably kind of unsure about the whole thing.

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DC Comics Meet the Beetles. It worked for a while, but was about as awkward and hilariously 90s as you can probably imagine.

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Steph, of course, did not have those resources at her disposal, so she remained woefully in the dark as to who Robin was behind the mask. Oz, and we still have no idea why or even how.

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Which turned out to not matter all that much, because, well Sounds kinda familiar, huh? It was Rebirth that kickstarted things between Tim and Steph all over again in earnest.

It did not go over well. Tim tried to loop-hole his way through the secret identity problem and date Steph in earnest by meeting up with Steph out of costume in a civilian cover identity he invented for himself by the name of Alvin Draper.

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As Robin, however, Tim was seeing a fellow vigilante who called herself the Spoiler. As Tim Drake, the high school student, he was dating a classmate named Ariana who had no idea about his second life.

The history of dick grayson and kory anders' romance

. You can learn how she decides to cope with her grief and her rage in Detective Comics Vol. Ah, young love.

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It went well War Games came to a close with Steph nearly beaten to death by Black Mask and spirited out of the country with the help of Dr. One faked death and some serious time spent growing up and maturing independently from one another gave Steph and Tim some much needed new perspective, and, when Steph was eventually clear to return to Gotham several years later, the two of them decided to pick things up as close friends before jumping into anything more.

No really! As part of that balancing act, Tim found himself embroiled in a sort of secret identity love triangle that was just as awkward as it sounds.

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Marshall takes steps to make sure that he and Lily have a baby boy, but Lily has other ideas.


Superhero couples are one of the few things that make comics so fun to follow, and there are few quite as iconic as Robin and Starfire within the DC Universe.


It originally aired on September 28,