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Upper Mississippi River. Oil painting by Frank H.


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She said that the closest location to the Midewin where such evidence of color, created by using plant pigmentation, has been found is near Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Though the first known s of Europeans coming to Illinois are of the passage of Louis Joliet and Father Marquette through the area on the Des Plaines River inEuropean influence was already present through trading going on in the Great Lakes region. As the climate warmed and agriculture became more feasible, plants became an increasingly important part of their diet.

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Madeleine McLeester have been leading a group of summer volunteers with the Passport in Time program in archaeology explorations. .

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McLeester said. By the 18th century, rivalry between the French and the British for control of the Native American trade had come to a head. Perhaps because of the tremendous labor involved in tilling the dense, prairie sod for agriculture, large semi-permanent summer agricultural villages were established.

The French and Indian War resulted in British control of western trade.

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Recent findings are telling how people of the Oneota Culture lived here during the Huber phase In recent years, a remnant of Huber pottery was found in a six-foot-deep pit. It would have been used for hunting game.

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Needles made from bones have been found. Several Native American cultures had lived or were living in the tallgrass prairie region a long time before Euro-American settlers arrived.

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The pit is one of several pits believed to be on the site. The pit was likely dug by two or three 17 th century Huber women using horns as shovels. During the Paleo-Indian Period 12, to 8, years BPthe region's inhabitants depended on hunting and gathering for subsistence.

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The region's population was multinational. Before Euro-American Settlement Several Native American cultures had lived or were living in the tallgrass prairie region a long time before Euro-American settlers arrived.

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According to the terms of the Treaty of Paristhe French gave up almost all of their holdings east of the Mississippi River. A projectile point made of chert was also found last week.

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McLeester also said that evidence of Lake Sturgeon has been identified, which is surprising since Lake Sturgeon, as we know them today, typically inhabit lakes, and lakes are a great distance from the site. People lived in small, highly mobile groups, following the game on which they were so dependent. Members of the twelve nations of the Illinewek the Illinois Confederacy traveled through the area as well as members of other nations, including the Potawatomi, Sauk, Fox, Kickapoo, and refugees from warring factions of eastern regions.

Marquette and joliet exploring the mississippi

In the winter, the inhabitants of these villages would break up to form smaller hunting groups, with some women or elderly unable to make the journey to the hunting camps staying behind in the village. The needles were likely used to weave mats, roof coverings and other items that were likely made from tallgrass. Professor Schurr and Dr. McLeester with the University of Notre Dame are leading volunteers in looking for clues about what life might have been like around Site Map.

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