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Looking for love in South Africa? Embarking on a relationship with someone from another culture can be complex and challenging. After all, every country has its own values and beliefs, and this extends to the qualities that make someone a desirable partner. Therefore, what some people might consider romantic or polite in your home country might not be well received in your new one. If you happen to live in South Africa, learning about the local dating scene and the mindset of South African people can really help your love life. With this in mind, this helpful guide outlines some basic etiquette around dating in this beautiful yet highly complicated country.


Of course I was only there 2 months. With sailing, forget it, I've been excluded there as well, though I continue to try. What I want to know is - if I move to the UAE or Qatar or Singapore, am I going to encounter this same sort of cliquish and exclusionary mentality among the expats? One possible solution without moving. I liked Cape Town in - good food, good wine, good people. I read on another blog someone's opinion that expats support each other because we are all in the same boat, all away from home, but here in Bahrain the expats I could count on to help me if I needed something has dwindled to about four, and two of those are moving home next month.

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What kind of credentials do you have? This is something you could do for several months and your dog should be able to come along.

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People you like are going to move away. Expatriate life for Westerners varies vastly depending on where you are and your gender. I can't say I know Arab culture very well but I can see that it will not make such a good environment for single Western women. But I don't particularly want to return to the US. The only thing that is non-negotiable is that I am not leaving my ten year old dog. I know this quite well because I live in Japan, which is one of the worse places for women, and I know the culture here very well.

Right now I am not earning a good income, I am not sailing, I have few prospects for a romantic relationship, and my support system of friends is shrinking by the day, so a change is in order. Being in a larger city with more Western influences increases the size of the village you are dealing with.

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I've always been very social and socially accepted. My experience in Bahrain has been great as far as the people of Bahrain - but it is the expat social and sailing life that I do not fit into. Details here. It all depends on the local culture and their gender roles and expectations and how that interacts with expats. I'm hoping someone can give me some feedback on if what I have experienced here is typical expat life, or perhaps I may have better luck somewhere else. Inificant chance events can ificantly shape your future because you are limited in your contacts.

This may be because you are feeling really down, or maybe this is how you are generally--of course I don't know. I've been called a stupid American and told to go back to America by a neighbor, I've had dinner parties and sailing trips planned in front of me when I am not invited, and there are a growing of people who used to say hello and have a chat with me who now ignore me. It's an idea, but I'm sure there's many more out there.

Please feel free to browse existing topics for answers to your travel questions.

Because you are a woman, this also allows you to make local women friends. My situation is different, however, because I have married a local. But things have changed dramatically in the past six months. I think part of this is because there's a lot of culturally misunderstandings and part of it is that expat life sometimes attracts a strange breed of people perhaps myself no exception. Singapore I would think would be a better place for you. I've been told by one of the people I can still call a friend that I am a threat socially as women think I am going to nab their husband, and sailing-wise because I have more experience than most, and again, am a woman.

My Bahrani friends are all very respectful and admire that I have stuck it out here and established a company. Teaching English in Asia is extremely popular, but it helps if you have a Bachelor's degree. Make the wrong move with your crowd and you do not get second chances because there are few other groups around.

For this reason, maybe you should stay away from UAE or Qatar. Can you look inward and find something your have done or a way you have acted to cause this?

I have never, never experienced the likes of this. About me: female, educated professional, nearing mid-forties and single which apparently is one of the problems. After losing my job this time last year, I decided not to return to the US for several reasons.

Hi there, we use cookies to improve your experience on our website. I have to disagree with 1 about leaving to try to solve this problem.

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You completely dismiss dating, why? The first thing that jumps out at me when I read this is your negative attitude. What kind of language skills? Clearly the situation has changed.

An overview of dating in south africa

Why not try to make more Bahraini friends? I have had some terrible experiences here, mostly with Brits sorry, but true. More information can be found by viewing the following announcement. I decided to stay in Bahrain and have opened a consulting company here. There are challenges you're always going to have to face no matter what country you go to.

I really don't know why. I thought I had met a few great groups of people and could live here for years. Perhaps you just ended up with sexist types who resent women who are better than they are at some things and those who are more independent. I am an avid sailor and have two dogs.

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Draw up a list of places to avoid. Expat lives can be like living in small villages. It's in Cape Town. At first it was good. It's hard to know what to say, since I don't know you.

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I would put Japan high on that list. Anywhere you decide to move to make sure you read up on the local expat living and how single Western women fare. You say you don't like Brits, but it sounds like this is because they don't like you, why?

I am also an American woman and have lived in China as an expat for several years. If the reasons are not because of you, and I can see how this can be, leaving will solve your porblems because they are cultural reasons.

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I can't even seem to have platonic friendships with the few single men my age I know here. You can update your settings by clicking the Privacy policy link at the bottom of the. Go to a different culture and the reasons for your problems will no longer be there. While men seem to get the better end of it in most places, women have it worse in some countries.

How to meet people in south africa

With dating - forget it - I don't even try. You may not make heaps of money or go sailing, but you may very well have a nice change of pace. You are always going to come across people you don't like--maybe more so than back home. Apologies in advance for the scattered nature and length of my question - I am very confused. You are being ignored and people make snippy comments to you. You say you are always very socially accepted--but has that been exclusively in America?

If you want to get away to escape your problems, forget it. Any advice or suggestions or slaps upside the head are welcome.

I don't think it is simply because you are a single woman and people are threatened. And if somewhere else, where? It's quite bad for single Western women that I understand that the dating situation figures strongly in the reason why they leave.

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But if you want to try something new, realizing that nothing may change, than go for it. They won't go away--it's often best to sort them out where you are. You will always have to be very culturally accepting and open-minded in order to adapt.

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