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Official websites use. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. The U. This has included Consulates in both Ciudad Chihuahua and Ciudad Juarez, a commercial agent in Presidio del Norte present-day Ojinaga through the s, and a consular agent in Hidalgo del Parral until approximately In DecemberU.


Outside of major thoroughfares, road conditions in Ciudad Juarez are generally poor. They are usually two-lane ro with no shoulder. To prevent and combat violence, the federal government has deployed military troops, federal police, and the national guard throughout the country.

Road Safety and Road Conditions. In isolated areas, response capability can be severely limited.

The U. Crime and Juarez TX dating remain serious problems throughout the state of Chihuahua, particularly in the south and in the Sierra Mountains, including Copper Canyon. Police also set up various administrative checkpoints in and around cities speed control, sobriety checkpoints and along the highways vehicle registration checkpoints.

Consequently, organized criminal groups are becoming much less organized and disciplined. During peak travel times like weekends and holidays, travelers should be prepared for long wait times when crossing back into the United States. Ensure vehicles are roadworthy and maintain a full-size spare tire in case of a flat.

Travel Advisory. Toll lanes and ports of entry alike can experience ificant delays at times. Transportation-Safety Situation. Give a wide berth to public buses and trucks. The Consulate travel policy permits U. Cybersecurity Issues. During rainfall, the ro can flood quickly due to lack of adequate drainage.

Drivers are not uniformly experienced, and often drive cars in disrepair. Mexican citizens who are not also U. Mexican insurance is mandatory for all vehicles, including rental vehicles; insurance associated with U. Maintain Mexican liability insurance in the event of a vehicle accident.

These phone calls are often random and can originate from outside of the state, sometimes from inside Mexican prisons. Crime Threats. If you have an emergency while driving, dial On a cuota or any other major highway, contact the Green Angelsa fleet of trucks with bilingual crews, by dialing from any phone in Mexico.

Drivers routinely disobey even the most fundamental traffic laws and commonly treat red lights like stop s, crossing as soon as they have checked for opposing traffic.

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Toll cuota highways are comparable to U. Speed, nighttime travel, weather especially the summer rainy seasonunfamiliarity with the road, lack of lighting, and other elements are contributing factors to serious traffic accidents and incidents on highways. Overall Crime and Safety Situation.

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Manhole covers may be absent after heavy rains, and the resulting holes are difficult to spot. The current U. Reconsider travel to Chihuahua Level 3 due to crime. The Government of Mexico along with the Tamaulipas and Coahuila state governments continue to engage in efforts to combat Transnational Criminal Organizations TCOsespecially along the border. Ro in the State of Chihuahua vary from modern toll ro to dirt tracks.

Drivers can reduce the risk of carjacking by limiting intercity travel to daylight hours. Mexico is experiencing a combination of conditions that collectively degrade the security environment in certain areas.

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A variety of road conditions exist throughout the region. Minor steering mistakes that can normally be corrected on a road with wide and level shoulders often cannot be easily corrected, causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles. Be alert for vehicles moving slower than the rest of the traffic flow, and for vehicles speeding through traffic als at the last minute. Many ro lack clear lane markings. The northern half of Mexico had been a higher-threat area, primarily due to organized criminal conflicts and competition for drug trafficking routes to the U.

Various groups have splintered into smaller gangs, which have branched out into different illegal business activities, and associated violence is spreading across Mexico. Motor vehicle accidents are a leading cause of U. Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua each have sufficient first responder and medical infrastructure to manage response to a vehicle accident.


When approaching a checkpoint, regardless of whether it is official, cooperate and avoid any actions that may appear suspicious or aggressive. This is an annual report produced in conjunction with the Regional Security Office at the U. Consulate in Ciudad Juarez. Organized criminal gangs continue to cause ificant levels of violence throughout parts of the country. The government has deployed federal police and military personnel to combat organized criminal groups. Road conditions in urban areas can also vary considerably.

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Extortionists have targeted foreign and U. Some criminal groups will mandate that individuals or even whole communities work for them as lookouts or couriers. The best ways to reduce the risk is to practice good personal security habits, especially maintaining high situational awareness and promptly departing from potentially dangerous situations.

Many vehicles drive with defective or inoperable lights at night. Use only major routes and drive only during daylight hours. Drivers on ro and highways may encounter government checkpoints, which often include a military staff.

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Visitors on day trips should use U. Portable credit card terminals are widely available in Mexico, and travelers should always request the establishment bring a portable credit card terminal to them to charge their credit card in their physical presence.

Criminals have killed numerous journalists and bloggers for reporting on these incidents. In upscale or tourist neighborhoods of major cities, the ro are in good condition, whereas ro are often in Juarez TX dating condition in marginalized areas. Keep a charged cell phone with you and know how to reach friends and family in an emergency.

The vast majority of those killed in such engagements have been members of TCOs and Mexican security forces, but innocent bystanders have died in shootouts between TCOs and Mexican officials. Drivers should be alert for changing road conditions. The government has captured some of its most wanted criminals. Others will threaten municipal and state administrators into accepting corrupt practices.

There are numerous reports in which criminals skimmed U. Skimming is the theft of credit card information by an employee of a legitimate merchant or bank, manually copying down s or using a magnetic stripe reader or using a camera and skimmer installed in an ATM. Try to use ATMs in bank branches during business hours.

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Mexican law requires that only owners drive their vehicles or that the owner be inside the vehicle. Most carjacking occurs in traffic, but can occur during the day and at night in all areas of town. Road damage is not Juarez TX dating quickly repaired, leaving potholes which can damage your car or cause drivers to swerve or brake unexpectedly.

Non-toll libre highways are usually in poorer condition. Large businesses including manufacturing plants are not immune to extortion, although they are less common targets. OSAC encourages travelers to use this report to gain baseline knowledge of security conditions in the State of Chihuahua. Department of State. Reports of extortion remained low in The Chihuahua state government and Ciudad Juarez city government have taken steps to reduce extortion with mixed. Failing to abide by this law may lead to impoundment and a fine equal to the value of the vehicle.

The main highway from Ciudad Juarez to the city of Chihuahua Highway 45 benefits from ificant traffic and police presence. Living or working in a location with access-control measures decreases the chances of carjacking. Even on a major highway, assistance can be more than an hour away.

Potholes and trenches can damage your vehicle and cause drivers to swerve into your lane or brake unexpectedly.

Mexico crime & safety report: ciudad juarez

The location and timing of armed engagements are unpredictable. Murder increased 2. Continued concerns regarding road safety along the border have prompted the U. Consulate to impose restrictions on U. Driving in Mexico requires vigilance. Beheadings, lynching, torture, and other gruesome displays of violence, as well as high s of forced disappearances, have become routine occurrences, including in the Mexico City metropolitan area. age and traffic lights are improving but are not always clear. While there is no indication criminals specifically target U. Carjacking remains a problem in both cities.

There are more reported incidents of carjacking and shootouts between rival criminal groups, particularly after dark, on the libre highways. There are large speed bumps installed around major cities, including on some highways, that often lack appropriate markings.