Lincoln NE Girl Dating Scams
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  • What is my age:
  • 24
  • Nationality:
  • I'm from Brazil
  • My sexual identity:
  • I love gentleman
  • Hair:
  • Lustrous strawberry-blond hair
  • Languages:
  • English, Kazakh
  • What I like to listen:
  • Country
  • Hobbies:
  • Collecting
  • Smoker:
  • Yes


Not everyone using online dating sites is looking for love. Scammers create fake online profiles using photos of other people — even stolen pictures of real military personnel.


Any names can be false. Living with her elderly grandparents. I decided I should report it to the FTC and let them handle it. Just putting his name out there for others to be cautious. I started to get suspicious, and so I googled the company he is trading under address is a dry cleaner in San Diego. I wish you luck- they are so flaming good!

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I have requested FaceTime and video calls he says his phone does not have this feature as it is an old model. There were so many red flags throughout the entire process. Someone stole my sister pic and then send me a friend request and tried to scam.

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Sent me pictures, nice texts, s and of course using internet phone lines. Christopher Earl Lloyd, date of birth November 6, He claims to be a former professional baseball player and has millions of dollars in investments and properties, and even has investment portfolios and his rental houses with spreheets of the incoming rent on his laptop. He got mad and asked why was I checking him out and he tried to explain away that this just address they, the investors use as the head office for their business.

I told my brother I would pay for a round trip ticket from Ghana, in Africa, to the USA so this "chick" could spend Christmas with him.

Ask him to take his pic with a piece of paper with your name written on it. They are out there! I've sent euro, my head said no, my heart didn't agree. I was scammed by mylocalcrush. Something didn't feel right. She says she's in the medical supply business and won a bid to supply medical equip. Then share it with your friends.

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So you know the photo is recent n the man is not fake. Some guy that named himself Oliver Quinn said he was half Jamaican and half American. I notified one of the banks. He said lives in Mexico City working in platform on an oil rig Then he sent me worong response sting cannot tal on phone due to static electricity can cause fire with a whole sheet of facts.

The company name is Gold Myne Ent. He told me to calm down, as stated in posts, now the pressure is on for the final sting. I said he needs to figure out a plan. Once money is sent, via bitcoin, she's able to "travel" to Brazil where her equip is supposed to be set up.

WeChat is important to highlight because he is claiming he did not take his US postpaid phone with him when he travels and using a pay as you phone, which needs to be credited with Google Play cards.

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He will make you feel like you have met the best man in the world. It became obvious very quickly where the conversation was headed. Doing the love-bombing things big time. My brother is "Rick". If I live alone and if I own my house which are same words questions of the guy I blocked.

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I have had several texts saying someone is stealing from his and he has been calling the bank since last week. But there are steps you can take — and then tell someone about. He said he lived in Seaside, Oregon and was an Independent Contractor. I have photos and requested video for proof of who he is.

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The amorous lover disappeared. They use either a very sophisticated algorithm or a live responder to string along the conversation, but will never agree to a live meeting that would expose the scam. It was a close call. He said he feels stupid for going to Nigeria and not realising how impoverished it is, and that he would be taken advantage of and defrauded.

In time, he will ask for a large loan and will willingly a loan agreement with you so you feel you are safe When you go to sue him, you find out he owns nothing.

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In the mean time I was able to take control of his money so that he couldn't be swayed to part with any more of his money. Photos can be stolen. No one by his name or son's name was found anywhere. Then she asks for money so she can get back to "be with you".

I told him he needs to get the embassy to help him, or he needs to figure out how he is going to solve the situation.

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I played along until I was given s in four international banks. I was given name of lady involved and her husbands bank so I could put money in for him to get back home. So watch the video, learn moreand pass it on. Anyone heard of Russ Davis?? Lost of photos should be available. Claims he is doing a business venture with investors. A person who starts out praising and complimenting you beyond normal. Supposedly a sculpter and from the UK?? My mom is being scammed by him and does not even see it happening in front of her eyes.

Please do send one cent. Which he says needs to be upgraded when he gets back to California. They are all scammers and they are very good. The responses come quickly and seem legitimate, but you soon realize it's not the person you think your chatting with. I started investigating and turns out it was a scam. States he has a daughter named Nicole aged 8. I called the scammer out letting them know that I was fully aware of their intentions.

If it doesn't feel right, it's probably not. Today I got a message, and call to say the Fargo Wells bank had been frozen. Recently had car accident needs to get back home. That would be really helpful because they use all kinds of fake names!!!! Please no matter what dont send money.

It will take time.

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No intention of actually wiring it! I reported him to Plenty of Fish and blocked him from my phone.

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He is Italian living in France. Now he is starting to recognize that she may not be what she says she is.

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Dont send any money pls. Tried to tell me his bank Fargo Wells have no idea who is stealing his money and he has been using his credit card everywhere. So, I am talking to a guy I met on instagram Matt Roland His wife passed away giving birth to her and her twin brother whom also died and the little girl, Belinda, is living In Lincoln Nebraska with her Nanny He hasn't gotten any money out of me yet but he is trying to get me to go get him some kind of gift card from walmart and he will give me info to get it into the hands of the military welfare to get to himto get him off the list to have to go into the battlfield.

All looks good but now I wonder. Pretended that I was going to send money even going to the bank and putting funds on a legit wire transfer slip.

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Texted and talked when we could. I told him to call the US embassy as they would need to help him. She turned him down- big surprise. They've never met I'm reading these blogs and feeling very unsure now of the wonderful man that has entered my life. Check out this video about how to spot and protect yourself from romance scams. Is there a way to see pics of these people?!!? After a week, he said he had to do some work in Dubai but that he would fly straight to me. Moral of the story keep away from online dating it very rarely works out positively.