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To avoid settling, never install the kitchen on an unstable surface. Install the front and back toe kicks by sliding them up under the cabinet skirts and snapping them onto the legs. Your plumber or contractor must for the total BTUs of all the gas equipment when determining the proper size for the gas line. For extremely large outdoor kitchens, a sloping surface may exceed the adjustability range of the legs from one end of the kitchen to the other.

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The patio surface should be as near to level as drainage requirements permit. Dry fit all pieces first to ensure proper alignment. Do not silicone the front section of the cooktop. The spacer and screw should be positioned on the outside of the cabinet. Factoring in the countertop thickness and the finished countertop height desired, level the units at the highest and lowest parts of the patio to immediately identify any potential problems.

Pizza ovens

In worst case scenarios, it may be best to refuse delivery. It must be able to be removed in order to change the batteries and for service. The screw he visible on the outside of the toe kicks should be oriented to the top. Do not position the grills or other appliances just yet.

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The grill height should be adjusted for the proper clearance for the countertop thickness that has been selected. For safety, all paths leading to and from the kitchen should be lit. Similar to the speed clips at the top, back filler panels connect with these screws only at the back. Ensure the end panel is snug against the cabinet and properly seated on the spacers. In some instances, such as extremely uneven patios or very low cabinet settings, the cabinet must be tilted up to get the toe kick in place. See below. Install a separate shutoff valve for each piece of equipment in addition to a main shutoff valve for the entire kitchen.

Adjust the desired countertop height if necessary to address the patio slope.

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Proper leveling will create a flat surface for countertop installation. It will also create even gaps between adjacent doors and drawers.

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For some installations, a properly engineered and installed ventilation hood system may adequately protect an otherwise combustible overhead structure. Click the to change your country. Standard counters are inches tall. Roughly position all cabinets, side by side, in order. To help everything go smoothly, we recommend you download the full outdoor kitchen installation guide PDF.

Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet gas and live fire appliances have very specific restrictions for safe installation and use. The gas pipe supplying a Kalamazoo kitchen is typically greater than 1-inch in diameter. Once all the cabinets and back panels are in position, level, square and plumb each component. Also, you might want to review frequently asked questions about international orders. Make detailed notes of any damage directly on the bill of lading and have the delivery driver the notes.

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Seal the seam between any cooktops and the countertop with clear silicone, or a silicone that matches your countertop. Although we typically provide countertop dimensions with our kitchen drawings, it is best to have your countertop supplier measure the kitchen to create a template after everything but the countertop has been installed. Determine the finished counter height.

If you are installing end finishing panels on your kitchen, install screws with spacers and flange nuts to the holes at the bottom-front and bottom-rear of the end cabinet side. Connect the gas line to the gas supply before installing any toe kicks that may impede access. If the kitchen is being installed on a deck, roof or balcony, please have your engineer or contractor ensure the area is deed to support the weight of the kitchen and the people who will be enjoying it.

Of course, you should nigerin hookup Kalamazoo your electrician who should be familiar with local codes and requirements. Many Kalamazoo products ship with accessories and smaller pieces that can easily be lost on a busy job site.

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There is also an electrical face plate on the front of appliance cabinets, just below the counter on the left or right side. The tops of each cabinet and filler panel connect to adjacent units at the tops using the included Kalamazoo Speed Clips. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns about your delivery. If this is necessary, remove the Speed Clips, install the toe kicks, and then re-install the Speed Clips. Your nigerin hookup Kalamazoo kitchen drawing from Kalamazoo will show the location for electrical connections on these units. When positioned correctly, the cooktop will protrude from the front of the cabinet a few inches and it will not be able to slide forwards or backwards.

Remove the counter and then, working one section at a time, lay a bead of silicone around the top perimeter of each cabinet, appliance surround and back filler panel. Please note that Kalamazoo grillspizza ovenscooktops and smokers are not for use indoors, in enclosed areas or breezeways, beneath overhead combustible structures, or on recreational vehicles.

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If undercounter refrigeration were to trip a GFI outlet under the counter, it would be very difficult to reset. Neither of these electrical boxes is wired. These clips make installation easier. We recommend working with a d architect to ensure a safe installation and complying with local codes.

Installation guide

Although all Kalamazoo kitchen components include stainless steel leveling legs, installation will go more smoothly on a level surface. The end finishing panel drops over the spacers and on to the screws. Additionally, it is nice to plan ambient lighting for the space that is controlled separately from the task lighting.

For more information, please contact our customer service department. Identify the highest and lowest parts of the patio, and the height difference between these parts of the patio. Please inspect all packaging immediately upon receipt for any visible s of damage.

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The weight of the countertop once installed should not rest on the refrigeration. For island kitchens, the side toe kicks connect to the front and rear toe kicks. Kitchens that have a back splash and are exposed to the elements may benefit from having the counter slope slightly downward at the front to help reduce rainwater accumulation. Refrigeration has less adjustment.

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Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet gas-fired equipment exceeds industry standard performance by a wide margin. The total BTUs in conjunction with the length of the gas line will determine the proper diameter for the pipe.

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All exterior outlets must be wired with a ground fault interrupt circuit. DO NOT silicone the tops of any appliances. In these instances, footings under the equipment may be needed to compensate. This can help keep cabinets looking cleaner as environmental water will be less likely to flow down the outsides of the units.

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The countertop will slide between the cabinet tops and the bottom of the hood base on the built-in grills. If there are uneven gaps, the cabinets are not yet properly leveled. If applicable, carefully place the cooktop onto the top of the cooktop cabinet.

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Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet appliance cabinets and back panels include an electrical box inside for the appliance. After the toe kicks have been installed, fasten the bottoms of the cabinets and appliance enclosures together at the fronts and backs using the supplied size screws and flange nuts. Side toe kicks connect in one of two ways, depending on the kitchen de.

Carefully slide the grill s into the opening so that the face of the grill sits 1-inch forward of the cabinet doors. Nigerin hookup Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Speed Clips see step 7 to hold back panels upright and in position temporarily. For safety, the shutoff valve should be easily accessible. Do not install screws and nuts into empty holes flanking the fronts of these spaces. Run the gas hose along the top of the cabinet towards either the left or right hole near the back of the unit. This is the control panel. Here is a comprehensive guide to installing your Kalamazoo outdoor kitchen.

Grills have a greater adjustment range. Refrigeration height should be adjusted to sit nearly level with, but just below, the tops of the cabinets.

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However, these orders cannot be processed online. The control panel should be extended beyond the front edge of the countertop in its entirety. Your deer or contractor should help ensure you have adequate task lighting for the grill and all other work centers planned for the kitchen.

For kitchens against a wall, the side toe kicks connect to the front toe kick and the rear leg. Install the countertops.

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Your order will arrive in sturdy packaging on wooden pallets. The pressure must be 7-inches water column for natural gas or inches water column for bulk propane. By putting a GFI breaker in the panel, it is easy to reset the kitchen. The cooktop will set down into the opening in the front of the cabinet and over the two posts that extend up from the top of the cabinet. Thread the gas hose through the hole so that it runs down through the gas line channel on the side of the cabinet and out the hole in the cabinet floor.

Cabinet bodies must be touching neighbor cabinets at the front and back from top to bottom.

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