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Combining all of these steps will give you a solid foothold on how to improve your dating life almost overnight. Dating as an engineer comes with its own special set of circumstances. Dating as an engineer in San Francisco takes those circumstances and adds an entirely new level of complexity! To begin with, engineers sometimes get a bad rap in the dating world because they tend to be very introverted and scientifically-minded.


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Most important of all, Hernandez suggests people get away from dating profile photos and app dating altogether once in a while. Being single in the Bay Area used to be simpler.

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He attributes the gender split in part to men facing the burden to pursue women on the apps, women having more experience taking photos of themselves, and to men getting started on the apps younger. He finds that Bay Area singles rely on technology more than other cities such as New York or Los Angeles, and it can work to their detriment. It probably reveals more about you in a negative way than a positive way.

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Photographer Eddie Hernandez calls this candid photo of himself, taken by his girlfriend, a good example of how he might capture a client in a dating app profile photo. When seemingly everyone is complaining about the state of app dating in San Francisco, singles look for an edge in the algorithms, going so far as to pay thousands for ghostwriters. I tell people to stay away from that.

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As for his clientele, Hernandez says they vary in age from about 25 to 50, and that the men out the women by 3 to 1. They can include people who just want to hook up, want to lie about their age or airbrush how they look. Other cliched examples include Machu Picchu selfies, superbloom photos, photos in Iceland, men posing with tigers, and the ever-present bathroom selfie.

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Dating and pickup coaches, meanwhile, can charge in the thousands. As for what not to do? Top shopping picks. I try to paint a picture that dating apps should only be used as an additional channel.

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As he recognized the demand for Tinder, Hinge, OKCupid and the myriad other dating services where people wanted to show their best face, Hernandez says he honed his approach. Hernandez on why this festival photo works: "Good lighting, good environment invites questions i.

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See the next three photos for more examples of what Hernandez recommends in profile pics. He uses his past employment as a data analyst to help them choose the right apps, he takes them to multiple shooting locations based on their interests, and he has a lot to say about how people are posting the wrong photos of themselves.

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One trendy example is the spate of Instagram-friendly profile photos taken at places like the Museum of Cream and the Color Factory — excellent for likes, but not for setting yourself apart. But he says he got into it unexpectedly.

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Hernandez on why this stock Golden Gate Bridge photo works: "Full body shot, shows some enthusiasm despite being a cliche location. He says the few acceptable selfies include those with a celebrity or an attractive vista. Women tend to be too concerned with glamour photos and Photoshopping themselves, Hernandez says, while men err by trying to look too intense and looking away from the camera — an unfortunate byproduct of a 9-year-old OK Cupid report that found men who looked away got more responses.

He was a little bit nervous, but said if that's the worst thing that could happen, it's OK. There are unredeemable qualities Hernandez sees in potential clients too, and they can be deal breakers.

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But more recent data have disproved that notion. As for what all singles can do to improve their dating profile photos, Hernandez offers these tips: capture a moment in your life, not a pose; wear flattering clothes; surround yourself with friends or other people; include a good mix of photos with different backgrounds and activities; only use photos from the past two or three years; and include both head shots and full-body shots with your profile.

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These being public places, sometimes the unexpected happens.

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As an online dating consultant featured in the NYTimes , I have seen it all when it comes to culture, gender ratios, lifestyles and frustrations with dating here in the Bay Area.