San Francisco Women Dating Tips
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  • Years old:
  • 18
  • Ethnic:
  • Danish
  • What I prefer to drink:
  • Cider
  • In my spare time I love:
  • Listening to music


in. Please note that this article is predominantly about heterosexual women because the original article was about heterosexual relationships: all data given does not comment on women-in-general, just straight women living in SF seeking monogamous male partners. A couple years ago, I spent a summer running us e r research on single women for a dating service in SF.


Other Cities. Today Tomorrow. I had a chance to sit down with Brad Smith, a respected veteran in our Fuckboy community, to get his thoughts. Brad, how often do you go on Tinder dates?

Enjoy dating san francisco girls

This is why I suggest converting your bedroom into a gym. One-night stands are a huge part of Fuckboy culture. And the Mission is on the Fuckboy come up. Even if they are turned away from you dancing, this means they are for sure attracted to you. Events Today Tomorrow. Fuckboys must be ready to abandon friends at any point when given the slightest opportunity at getting laid. Just name-drop the author of the book in your hand and you're a sexy genius. Brad, how often do you work out? In Fuckboy culture, a friend is nothing more than a glorified wingman.

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I do play guitar and harmonica, check me out on Instagram. With a fresh slate and immense amounts of disposable money, SF has quickly transformed into one of the leading Fuckboy cities in the U. In fact, Fuckboy culture has become so widespread here that women have started to become Fuckboys too. Chicks are going to love how in touch with Mother Nature you are! Walking on the treadmill, sipping a nice latte.

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This article is my attempt, my plea, to bring these Fuckboys up to speed on the truth behind San Francisco Fuckboy Culture. Ideal moments to sneak in some Tindering: while an old lady crosses the street, while talking to your boss, while on the phone with your mom, while showering, while sleeping, while driving, while on a Tinder date.

C — emotional intelligence & maturity

As far as Fuckboys are concerned the Marina is our holy land, our stomping ground. It is where all spiritual parts of life are possible, and where we connect with the Fuckboy Gods who put us here to begin with. They will be there for you through your long nights of clubbing and to get brunch the following morning.

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But I try to hit the gym at least twice a day. Gel up your hair, spray some Axe in your pits and hit the dance floor. It has everything we need, from nightlife, to brunch, to clothing stores, to babes. Brad, what are some of your favorite activities?

B — height

Here are some of the best places to meet a casual hookup:. The Fuckboy's Guide to SF. Brad, what do you think about art? BS: Well you know I love going to the beach, going for a run. No matter how critical or life-threatening a situation you find yourself in, Tinder is undeniably more important—this is your sex life for God's sake.

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You could visit any gym in SF and get ripped. San Francisco summer is a perfect time to throw on a neon tank and some flip-flops and toss a Frisbee at the park with the bros. Tinder is the most productive way to occupy every dull moment of your day.

Although my ladies are a little over 30, my pockets are swelling in many regards. There are some good clubs in SOMA that are worth checking out though.

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Confidence is key! A library card is sexier than a credit card. Featured Events. I never find slim pickings.

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If the Marina is our holy land, The Club is our church.

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If you are looking for the best places to meet girls in San Francisco and a dating guide then you are in luck.


Finding San Francisco hookups isn't the easiest thing in the world.


The San Francisco dating scene can be a frustrating nut to crack, so it helps to have the right tools at your disposal.