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Probate records, "the process of settling an estate after someone's death," rank among the most valuable genealogical records in existence, dating from the s in Massachusetts. Wills and other probate records exist "for persons in America in periods and places when there are few other records. Probate packets or files can yield such personal information as the decedent's full name; his date and place of death; the names of his spouse, children, and grandchildren; his trade or occupation; residences; religious affiliation; citizenship; and relationships between family members. Probate files can contain a single record or a combination of records such as wills, inventories of assets, lists of heirs, appointments of executors or administrators, documentation of the distribution of assests, asment of dower, indentures, claims, receipts, and guardianship petitions. Probate records are usually filed at the county level based on the decedent's residence at the time of his death.


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Madden Marital dissolution : paths to breakup. Mattei Manipulation of stimulus onset delay in reading: evidence for parallel programming of saccades.

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Links to common UMass Amherst services and features. Shea Gender, interpersonal orientation and subtypes of depression. Kirkorian Attention and eye movement control: Interaction of top -down and bottom -up informationXingshan Li The impact of baby videos on parent -child interactionTiffany A.

Pempek HPA -axis responses to an interpersonal stress task among socially anxious older adolescentsElizabeth Seeley Neighbor frequency effects during reading: Is there a parallel with lexical ambiguity? Konold An analysis of dyadic conflict among toddlers.

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Barnes Individual differences in impulsiveness : a conceptual and empirical analysis. Hennessey Effects of type of visual information on characteristics of standing sway. Lynch Family and migration : a systems analysis.

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Fox The role of meaning in the patterning of response to chronic illness. Montgomery A comparison of three procedures for administration of stress umass Appleton dating training. Laurent Predictors of quality of life in individuals with end stage renal diseaseKristen L.

Meagher Dyadic parenting and children's externalizing symptomsKaren B. Meteyer Experiences of gay men who choose to become parentsSean Barnett Robins American identity crisis: The relation between national, social, and personal identity in a multiethnic sampleLiliana Rodriguez The computation of subject -verb agreement: Response time studiesAdrian Staub Physiological s of stress during conflict: The role of attachment style, sexual passion, and loveMichael L.

Vernon The road to mathematics in elementary school: Social and cognitive influences on performance and response to interventionRena L. Walles Offending in every way: Toward an understanding of physically violent girlsLindsey Berkelman Psychosocial processes at the end of life: The relationship between generativity and fear of deathJoshua R.

Bringle Do preschoolers make behavioral predictions based on a 'teleological' framework? McKenna The Parent Behavior Scale: A measure of parenting behaviors taught in empirically validated parent-training interventionsCamilo Ortiz A comparison of computerized adaptive testing and multistage testingLiane Nicole Patsula The effect of affect on expectancies and attitudesJames Edward Sexton The extended nature of conflict: The varying impact of instrumental and affective satisfaction during conflict on working and postconflict relationship qualityDaniel L.

Shapiro Why do young infants fail to search for hidden objects? Gianino The role of the uterus in sequential inhibition of sexual behavior and on heat duration in rats. McElroy Neuroanatomical organization of the anuran mesencephalon and brainstem pathways related to oculomotor function.

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Schifter Real-time attentional models for classical conditioning and the hippocampus. O'Brien Barely staying alive : a case study umass Appleton dating a male with anorexia nervosa and a survey of therapists working with anorectic patients. Boyle The role of five caregiver variables in the prediction of child treatment outcome: An intervention study of academic and behavioral problemsJustin Campbell Curry Overcoming our biases: Helping observers see both sidesCynthia Sansing McPherson Frantz Treatment needs of girls in the juvenile justice system: Examining girls with varying levels of internalizing problemsNaomi Elizabeth Goldstein A self-instructional behavior care planning training for geriatric nursing staffJeffrey John Skowron Anxiety, depression, and older veterans: Implications for functional statusNancy Helen Solano Pressure, ideology, structure and practice: An analysis of corporate responsibilityDarren G.

Spielman The effects of indirect versus direct disclosure of traumatic experience on psychological and physical well-beingJulianne I Yanko The functions of self-injury and its link to traumatic events in college students.

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Asplin Coping in adolescent-mother conflictual interactions as a predictor of adolescent depressionCheryl A. Bonica Is habitual behavior dependent on the stability of the situation in which it originated? Maxie Using children's errors in single -word reading to explore a theory of dyslexia within the reading processKenneth Allan Rath A year sequential study of psychosocial development in adulthoodJoel Reeves Sneed Three -year -olds' reasoning about deceptive objects: Can actions speak louder than words?

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Herman Testing the convergent retrieval learning theory of testing effectsWilliam J. Merika W. McCaffrey The relation between academic and cognitive skills and externalizing behavior problems in childrenLindsay A. Spofford Victim consciousness and its effects on intergroup relations -- A double -edged sword? Edens An examination of sex differences in quantitative problem-solving strategies in young children.

Erskine Outline of psychoanalytic theory of emotion.

Lowell Women's autonomy and social networks in a Puerto Rican community. Blake The lives of people born after the death of a sibling.

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Fridhandler The influence of the alcoholic family of origin on personal drinking styles among veterans. Desmond Separation-individuation as a family developmental process in the transition to parenthood. Powell Ethnic identification and outgroup tolerance. Connine Perinatal loss : the mother's experience of grief, resolution, and subsequent child.

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Timko The effect of eating patterns in weight loss programs. Ciulla The effect of estradiol on brown adipose tissue of rats and hamsters. Ricks A neuropsychological model of human behavior and therapeutic change.

Armstrong The role of anger, anxiety, and sadness in essential hypertension. Davis Emotion-scanning therapy : an integrative use of biofeedback and cognitive therapy in pain management. Bousquet Finding our way: Umass Appleton dating and therapists interviewed in the midphase of psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Boutelle The classically conditioned nictitating membrane response : analysis of learning-related single neurons of the brain stem. Krafchuk Optimism about future life events. Fennessy The role of verb -specific lexical information in syntactic ambiguity resolution. Levy Morphological encoding in the reading of sentences. Sylvia Identity functions among the stigmatized: More evidence for the schematically guided interpretation of negative social feedbackSarah Ellen Zemore A social cognitive model of detecting deceptionJames Anthony Forrest The role of nonverbal behavior in persuasionDaniel Anthony Hrubes Development of an inventory to assess coping skills among PTSD diagnosed combat veteransSandra L.

Battle The role of appreciation in close relationshipsAndrea Rochelle Berger Decision-making strategies used by neuropsychologists in the differential diagnosis of dementia. Goldstein Late adolescents' coping strategies and their physiological reactivity to romantic relationship conflict: Self, partner, and couple effectsMeredith L.

Gunlicks Effects of word length and sentence context on compound word recognition: An eye movement investigationBarbara J. Juhasz When feeling good is bad: The detrimental effect of self -affirmation on prejudiceLuis M. Rivera Through the eyes of others: The umass Appleton dating of relational value cues and self -regulatory resources in monitoring one's social environmentJames M. Tyler From the discovery to rationalization of others' lies: How perceivers process and judge deceptionBrent Weiss The role of feature accessibility in memory conjunction errorsMungchen Wong The student -athlete: One identity or two separate identities?

Stoessel Learning how to fight: Connections between conflict resolution patterns in marital and sibling relationshipsElizabeth Kristine Turner The nature of phonological representation in reading: Evidence from eye movements and event-related potentialsJane Ashby Gender ideology, depression, and marital quality in working-class, dual-earner couples across the transition to parenthoodHeather Bourne Emotional aftereffects of stereotype suppressionKathleen C. Burns The impact of idealized images of female beauty on women's self-concept: Who does it affect and when?

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Chase Sex-role bias and the clinical referral process : an attributional analysis. Babcock Returning to Judaism: Ethnic identity, religiosity, and the sense of selfMiriam Ann DeFant The use of pet-facilitated therapy in the treatment of depression in the elderly: A behavioral conceptualization of treatment effect.

Scott The treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in Vietnam veterans : a comparison of interventions.

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Gartner Ideological biases in clinical judgment. Manning Present at the creation : the experience of men becoming first-time fathers. Bonal The identification of objects in scenes : the role of scene backgrounds on object naming.

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The role of identity salience and stereotype threat in athletic and academic performanceDarren J. Carrico Narratives of second -generation Asian American experience: Legacies of immigration, trauma, and lossAmy S. Cheng How parents and children do homework together: The relation between observed parenting, behavior problems, and academic development in elementary school childrenGreta L.

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Bickford The effects of background television on very young children's play with toysMarie K. Evans The availability of salient and conceptually central properties of concepts in different contextsFerne Joi Friedman-Berg Early gender differences in arithmetic strategy proficiencyLaura Mitchell Garofoli The relationship between cultural background and the experience of patients in primary care medical settingsJoseph A Greer Psychometric properties of several computer -based test des with ideal and umass Appleton dating item poolsMichael Glen Jodoin The effects of a parent delivered direct instruction reading curriculum on the early literacy skills of first grade childrenShannon Kay The relationship between depression and occupational, household, and leisure-time physical activityLinda Lin The effect on creativity of individual differences in affective processing and day-to-day affective experiencesChristopher R.

McArdle Building different types of causal relationships: With implications for special populations the case of right hemisphere damageMohamed Taha Mohamed The processing of affixed English words during reading: Frequency, word length, and affixal homonymyElizabeth Niswander The psychological effects of hate -crime victimization based on sexual orientation bias: Ten case studiesMonique Noelle Motor, attentional, and haptic development in full -term infants and in infants born pretermLaura Paradise O'Sullivan Influences on condom use and the prevention of HIV transmissionChristopher E.

Overtree Standard setting methods for complex licensure examinationsMary Jean Pitoniak An investigation of mental health service utilization by older adultsKaryn M Skultety Experiences of successful second -generation Chinese American women with cultural stereotypes and parental expectationsFrieda Wong Can complement frames help children learn the meaning of abstract verbs?

Carvajal The use of identity processes in response to specific age-related physical changes and overall sense of age in older adultsKathleen J. Collins Two-year-olds' comprehension of television: Do they believe their eyes or their ears?